Big Idea Solutions for Big Problems Facing Small Businesses

Health Insurance
For over twenty years, the biggest problems that small businesses have had to face is the cost of health insurance. Over 56% of small business owners in the survey classify the problem as a critical. Although the costs of health insurance are high, there are some ways to guarantee the best insurance for your buck.

Research Your Options
Research, research, research! Knowledge is crucial for finding an affordable and beneficial health insurance for small businesses. Putting in the time to research, discuss, and choose a health insurance plan is imperative. The more time you invest, and the more brokers you consult, the better your chance of finding the best coverage for the lowest price. Discuss insurance companies with other small business owners, your doctor, and others you trust who can give you valuable information. Finally, while researching, beware of fraud. Check for licenses and other pertinent records including complaints, lawsuits, and other red flags by consulting with your State Insurance Department and other sources of public records.

Know What You Want
Although lower prices are important, the type and extent of the coverage should also be investigated and analyzed. Purchasing a cheaper health insurance plan may omit important coverage that is valuable to yourself and your employees. The best way to ensure you receive the benefits you want is to present your brokers with what you want and a budget that you can afford. This allows them to provide you with plans within your means that fit your needs. Submitting what you want shows that you have done your research, leaving brokers without an opportunity to pitch plans you don't want.

Tax Complexity

It is no surprise that taxes continue to be more complex every single year. New additions to the tax code add more stress and confusion to Americans every tax season. For example, the 2008 federal tax-law service was an astounding 67,500 pages, thousands more than the 40,500 page 1995 edition. There is no way to avoid taxes, but there are ways to take the stress off your shoulders during tax season.

Keep Complete Tax Records
The complexity of filing your taxes will be greatly reduced by planning ahead and keeping accurate records. Every payroll, purchase, and payment should be recorded and kept filed away for tax purposes. Small businesses are sometimes lackadaisical in keeping these records, which leads to scrambling around at tax time. By taking the extra time to keep records in line and in order, taxes will be less complicated for you.
Turn to Tax Professionals
Tax professionals are the experts. They can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you choose a professional consultant or a computer program, any help for filling out taxes is beneficial. H&R Block is a leading tax preparation company whose employees are willing and eager to help you with your taxes. Turbo Tax is a leading computer program dedicated to filing your taxes with easy questions and a simple format.
Cost Issues
The economy has taken a tumble in the past few months, causing the cost of doing business to rise. Fortunately, as small business owners, you have the power to control your spending. The costs of various essentials, such as fuel, electricity, and supplies, are available to you at a discounted price with an America's Best Companies (ABC) membership. In addition to that, there are also other ways to save money.
Budget Your Money
Create a budget for your small business and write down everything that you purchase. This is something that should be done for every business plan. This keeps your business organized and on track with spending. You will soon learn where you can cut back on spending or how you can shift things to save more money. Keeping a budget will limit your business' spending habits and allow you to make more conscientious decisions.
Being a Smart Consumer
Thinking ahead about purchases will save your small business thousands of dollars. Buying in bulk as a member of a business organization like ABC which parters with suppliers to offer discounts to its members, is an easy way to save time and money. For example, ABC members save at the gas pump by receiving discounts on Shell gasoline and office supplies by Staples. Also, the more volume you buy the less dollars spent per item, and you can save even more with generic products. For more information on the cost saving benefits of ABC membership, visit our Members Benefits Area.