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Small Business Owners Beware: Do Not Pay for Facebook Advertising

Supplement your social media account with high quality followers and likes that will by nature promote your business in the online world.

We offer 100 Facebook Fanpage Likes for just $1.

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I get several emails like this every day, click farms begging me to purchase "likes" for EZlocal's Facebook page. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to ignore these requests. Padding your Facebook page with likes from Egypt, India and Bangladesh won't bring new customers to your door stateside. Keep dragging these emails to trash. Keep marking them as spam. Keep clicking that delete button; you're fighting a good fight.

But what about paying Facebook directly? Click farms can only offer fans from Cairo and Dhaka, but Facebook will track down true fans, fans that will appreciate your business and engage with your posts, won't they?


As the science vlog Veritasium found out, advertising on Facebook is a losing proposition.

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