Contribute To EZlocal & Get Rockstar Perks

EZlocal contributors help reveal hot spots to fellow locals and all the while earn cool rewards.

That's the concept behind EZlocal's growing Contributor Program - the only reward-based program of its kind. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and begin contributing reviews and posting photos to earn points. It's all part of EZlocal's push to generate high-quality content from its already active users. In just the last five years, EZlocal business profiles have seen over 300 million views!

Start sharing reviews and photos today!

As contributors climb the ladder to Rockstar status, beginning as a level one "Promoter," points are redeemed for things like a $100 Amazon gift card, iPod Touch, and eventually a brand new iPad or Google Chromebook.

More information on EZlocal's Contributor program can be found here.