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Google Places Adds Google Boost

UPDATE: Google officially announces Local Advertising with Google Boost.

Places accounts are lighting up with their own advertising system dubbed Google Boost. Google very quietly launched a new form of paid advertising for Google Places and local business listings call "Google Boost". You will notice within your Google Places Account, underneath the "Tags" lionk you there is a new otption for "Boost Ad".

Notice that the ad mixes in with the typical paid AdWords ads.  The only distinction is the blue place marker. See one in action:

Google Boost Ad in Action

First look at the interface shows a simplified AdWords interface, one step set up of your ads.  No keywords, no cost-per-click settings, simply ad text and monthly budget.

Google Places Boost

Setup Boost Ad

One thing that I always thought Google could improve was the hyper-local advertising space.  There is no reason a small business owner should not be able to target someone looking for services in an area without going through the complications of AdWords.  AdWords and local SEO agencies might take a hit from the savvy business owner as a result of this move.  In short, it has become easier for small business owners to give Google money directly.

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