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EZlocal Now Offering Google Boost

Monday of this week, we announced the availability of Google Boost as a new online ad solution to help our small business clients better connect with potential customers in their local area. Boost is a new advertising push from Google -- launched in a limited number of cities just six months ago. The Boost ad is essentially a hybrid product; functioning as a simplified Sponsored Ad with some of the same features we see in a Places listing. Boost ads appear in both the Sponsored Links section as well as on the actual map of the local search results. We think this is a pretty unique advertising opportunity for businesses looking to get a one-up on their competitors. Boost ads are also unique in several ways. For one thing, they feature an exclusive blue map marker, instead of the common red marker, and are only offered to local businesses that have a local physical office. So the blue map marker itself is successful in two things, 1) making the listing stand out, and 2) indicate to the person sea... [Read Full Article]

Google Places Adds Google Boost

UPDATE: Google officially announces Local Advertising with Google Boost. Places accounts are lighting up with their own advertising system dubbed Google Boost. Google very quietly launched a new form of paid advertising for Google Places and local business listings call "Google Boost". You will notice within your Google Places Account, underneath the "Tags" lionk you there is a new otption for "Boost Ad". Notice that the ad mixes in with the typical paid AdWords ads.  The only distinction is the blue place marker. See one in action: First look at the i... [Read Full Article]

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