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Google Plus Local Robo Call

It's extremely urgent that we speak to the business owner. We've tried to reach you numerous times regarding your business. Press "1" to speak to an agent now and claim your listing. If you do not press "1" and claim your listing, your customers will not be able to find you online, so press "1" now. If we have reached you in error, or you are not the business owner, please press "2" and you will be removed from this list.

You are just about finished, and only a couple of seconds away from being connected. In order to qualify you for your free custom website and updated Google ranking, you must be the business owner or person in charge of marketing. Press "1" if you are the business owner and get connected now. Or press "9" to be removed from the list.

Business owners we deal with have increasingly asked about telemarketing calls they have received and how to respond to them. Lately, we have noticed an influx of questions about automated calls from Google themselves. Generally, we explain to the business owners that, outside of initial PIN verifications, Google is not going to call you. Especially with this sort of hard-lined sales approach.

For the first time today, I was actually able to get a capture of the recording. There is no reference to Google+ in this one, but I have heard them refer to themselves as "Google+ Local Specialists" which I find purposely misleading.

Safely ignore these calls, they are just a marketing company trying to sell you their services with these scare tactics. They are very misleading and people clearly believe it is Google calling. Take a look at these 800 notes, the posters on this site refer to it as spam directly from Google. We can assure that it certainly is not Google making these calls.

Hear the audio:

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