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It's Here! The Nexus One Google Phone

Christmas came on January 5, 2010 this year for thousands of Google addicts like myself. The launch of Google's hosted web store and new Nexus One phone is FINALLY here!

And I bet you're wondering why you, as a small business owner, should care? Good question! For starters, the Nexus One provides instant access to all of your favorite Google applications, which especially come in handy for small business owners. Track emails, access your calendar, and get your business phone calls through Google Voice on your Nexus One. Additionally, hundreds of applications are being developed by Google to challenge the rival iPhone's, giving small business owners access to their social media sites, finance insights, sales information, and more.

Google's hosted web store is a new way to connect Google's online users with the ability to purchase Android devices. The goal is simplicity: simple ways to purchase a phone and service plan, delivery, and start up. Sounds too good to be true, but then again, it's Google, so it has to be true!

The first phone is the Nexus One. With a sleek look similar to that of the iPhone, it integrates all of Google's apps onto one mobile device: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Voice, and more. The Nexus One is as tall and thick as a pencil, and weighs about 53 pennies. There's also a metal band on the back of the phone that you can have engraved. It's a perfect spot for alternative contact information, such as an email address, in case your beloved phone is misplaced. Some more features, discussed on the Google Blog include:

  • Dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc.
  • A large 3.7" OLED display for deep contrast and brilliant colors
  • A 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ chipset for blazing speeds
  • Runs on Android 2.1, the newest version of Eclair
  • Voice-enabled keyboard so you can speak into any text field
  • Live Wallpapers
  • 3D photo gallery for richer media experiences

Motorola has already released a version of this phone, called the Droid, which was released to Verizon in fall 2009. From reviews and a friend who has a Droid, it is one of, if not, the best phone on the market today. With the addition of the Nexus One to the Verizon family in Spring 2010, the Android platform seems to be unstoppable. It is quite different from that of the iPhone, but the Android platform has many advantages that the iPhone does not. For example, the Android is a free and open source platform and continues to grow. The devices are being built faster at a lower cost, and anyone can build anything on top of the platform. This angle is what Google was hoping for. Google paired their advanced technology with platforms and mobile devices to bring us the Nexus One.

Currently, the Nexus One is only available to purchase either without operator service or with service from T-Mobile USA. You can order with either of these two options, or wait for Spring 2010 with Verizon for the US or Vodaphone for Europe.

Personally, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to purchase my Nexus One with the Verizon network. I currently have a Blackberry Curve and have always wanted an iPhone, but never wanted to make the switch from Verizon. Now, I can have an even better phone on my favorite network with all my vital Google applications. Hurry up, Spring 2010!

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