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Jobless Benefits to Expand as Cities Ease Advertising Restrictions

Government and Economy

Obama May Expand Jobless Benefits

President-elect Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are considering a major expansion of government-assisted health care insurance and unemployment benefits.

Cities Easing Sign Restrictions

A number of communities are lifting—or are considering relaxing—restrictions on sidewalk signs and banners to help shore up businesses struggling to survive a recession that has both slowed consumer spending and depleted municipal tax revenue.

Tech Giants Hunting for Cheap Startups

With valuations sinking and fear rising among nervous VC-backed firms, cash-rich tech giants could be on the prowl at the Consumer Electronics Show for undervalued startups.

Frugality Worsening Recession

As layoffs and store closures grip the U.S., families hope frugality will see them through. But thriftiness is a major reason the downturn may not soon end.

Management and Financial Issues

The Importance of Business Ethics

Turney Stevens, Dean of Lipscomb's College of Business, explains the importance of small business owners doing the right thing.

If You Must Fire People, Do It Right

Managers often take a clinical approach when terminating an employee. They fear being sued if they say the wrong thing, or having to face an angry—even violent—employee, but being too cautious can make a boss seem downright heartless and keep them from doing the right thing.

Technology Issues

The CEO's Open-Source Software Guide

As the recession adds pressure to technology expenditures, many companies are turning to open-source software to handle more IT tasks. Here are somethings you need to know about it.

Small Business Security Solutions
Small to medium businesses, along with remote and branch offices of larger organizations, are facing increasing Internet security risks, and may need to significantly increase their security efforts.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Federal Study: Healthcare Reform Might Cause Workforce Instability
A new federal report analyzes the possible effects on employers of health care reforms that are being discussed for 2009

Is Your Customer Service Department Fit?

As with personal fitness, there are many components to managing the health and well-being of a customer service department.

Recruiting Talent to Ailing Firms

Sick businesses often need fresh talent to recover, but attracting great people during bankruptcy can be difficult. Here are some things you need to understand.

Sales and Marketing

Four Predictions for 2009
Online video shows such as "Hardly Working," "In the Motherhood," and "Dr. Horrible," will force networks to consider online as a real business—and as less of an adjunct.

Online Media Stats That Will Make You Feel Great About 2009
Why online marketing should defy pessimistic expectations in the coming year.