Obama's Pork-Free Stimulus on the Menu

Government and Economy

Obama Seeking a Pork-Free Plan

President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to bar earmarks from his massive economic stimulus plan as well as to bring unprecedented accountability to federal spending while at the same time warning that nation could face trillion- dollar deficits for years go come.

Obama Names Chief Performance Officer to Watch Federal Spending
President-elect Obama pledged that reforming government entitlement programs would be "a central part" of his effort to control spending as he named Nancy Killefer as his Chief Performance Officer, a new White House position tasked with eliminating waste and improving efficiency.

New IRS Lockbox Address for Payments

Business taxpayers in 23 states and individual taxpayers in five states will send payments to a new IRS lockbox address this year.

Management and Financial Issues

Don't Be Left Behind

Looking for an industry to jump into? Here are the five best industries to get venture capital financing.

Hard Times for Solo Owners

Solo business owners may not have to fear being fired, but they are not immune to the travails of budget-cutting clients and cost-conscious consumers.

Repairing the Past

The family apparel-making business shrank when business went overseas, but now it's been reborn by patching up the mistakes of the past.

Technology Issues

Slashing Technology Costs

Cutting cost is more than simply lowering dollar amounts. It is also about maximizing your resources without sacrificing productivity. Here are four ways for you to do just that.

Social Media Programming
How can high-quality audio and video online content provide marketers with opportunities to connect with their audiences? Here's how they do it.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Online Job Postings Drop

The Conference Board has announced that online advertised job vacancies fell by 507,000 to 3.86 million, bringing the monthly total online advertised vacancies below 4 million for the first time since July 2006.

Recruiting Talent for Firms on the Brink
How can companies are filing for bankruptcy and seeking court protection retain top talent to keep their business going? One hint: You should avoid filling the gaps with short-term hired guns.

Sales and Marketing

The New Email You
Use your imagination and your experience to deploy that low-cost marketing tool—email—in order to plan for a new response.

Behavioral Marketing for Newbies
Should you add behavioral marketing to your marketing mix this year? If you are considering this, there are some factors to consider.