Fed Chair Offers More Ways to Stimulate the Economy as Start-ups are Proved Crucial in Job Creation

Government and Economy

Bernanke Offers More Measures to Save the Economy

The Federal Reserve chairman has outlined even more measures to help us all cope with the ailing global economy.

Small Business Stimulus

Given the results of the federal government's handling of the economic crisis, there is a question that needs to be asked: Why is the SBA missing from the pool of policy solutions?

Start-ups Prove an Important Employment Engine
There is new data from the US Census Bureau that demonstrates the real importance of start-up businesses to the US job market.

Management and Financial Issues

Behind the Cost of Liability Insurance

The formula used to determine your quote depends on a number of things, including the type of company you run and the insurance company itself. It is, therefore, worth it to shop around as prices can vary dramatically from one insurance carrier to the next.

Small Business Outlook 2009

The US economy is going to struggle this year. The only questions are whether you see that as a problem or an opportunity, and whether you have what it takes to survive when survival depends on cunning and cost-smarts.

Technology Issues

Stimulus Plan May Include Renewables

Sources in Washington, D.C., say that the Obama stimulus bill could include national mandates for generating a percentage of electricity from renewable sources. Also planned is an extension of tax credits.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Losing Good People? Bad Managers Top the List of Reasons

According to a Robert Half International survey, even in an economy that is losing jobs, executives still view employee retention as their primary concern, but bad managers undermine those efforts as they are to blame for most employee defections.

NBGH Backs Temporary COBRA Subsidies

Under current law, COBRA beneficiaries must remain in the plan in which they were enrolled until the next open enrollment period.

Sales and Marketing

Cody's Books: The Postmortem

Cody's Books was a Berkeley, California institution known across the globe until, last June, it closed its doors after 52 years. The recession, and a slew of business decisions, ruined Cody's competitiveness. Here is a look at why it succeeded—and why it failed.

SMEs Survive by Strengthening Customer Relationships

One way entrepreneurs can improve their chances of survival during these difficult times is by going out of their way to build solid relationships with their customers.