A Dagger to Retail's Heart—The Consumer Product Safety Protection Act

Government and Economy

Retail's Dagger In The Heart

Scary as all those toy recalls for lead-poisoning hazards were, the cure for the problem—the Consumer Product Safety Protection Act—may be worse than the disease.

Downshifting in a Slowing Economy: A Business Planning Guide

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of new, free online training and other resources offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration to assist them during this period of economic recovery.

Industry Expert: Mr Obama, Search For Outside CTO

A Chief Technology Officer fresh from the largely unregulated technology sector will be crushed under the pressure of Capitol Hill. Instead, pick a savvy bureaucrat with a laptop and solid DC street cred.

Management and Financial Issues

Make 2009 Big, Bold and Profitable

Success is as much about mind as it is about money, and if you don't put an end to no-win thinking and behavior soon, 2009 will be no better and could be even worse than 2008.

Dodging Tax Pitfalls When Issuing Stock

Financing a young company by issuing stock is stressful, time-consuming, and complex. Most founders focus on things like valuation and liquidation while overlooking tax-planning. This is a mistake that can place their earnings for themselves and their employees at risk

Technology Issues

The Digital TV Switch
Whether consumers convert to DTV or buy into brand new digital television systems, interactive advertising stands to benefit. Here are some things you need to know.

Benefits and Labor Issues

As Business Slows Down, Is a Rebound Around the Corner?

First consumers, now companies, but the hard cutbacks that will hurt today will set the stage for a rebound later in the year.

Dealing with Layoff Survivors

With record job losses that might only get worse in 2009, have you considered how to manage your layoff survivors, those left behind after you make your staff cuts? Best intentions aside, most managers get it wrong and that only adds to the pain.

Sales and Marketing

Is Short-term the New Long-term In Marketing Strategies?

Since job losses among the smallest of businesses in December were around half that of November's numbers, you need to keep that in mind when determining your marketing for the next several months.

Wolfgang Puck vs. Wolfgang Zwiener

Every year, scores of businesses find themselves on the receiving end of trademark infringement lawsuits. Wolfgang vs. Wolfgang is a great case in point of how things get out of hand when your brand comes too close to that of the competition.