Wage Discrimination Bill Passes Senate, Card-Check Obama's First Labor Test

Government and Economy

Ledbetter Wage Bill Passes Senate

The Lilly Ledbetter Bill, a wage discrimination bill that presages the pro-labor stance of the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House, has cleared the Senate and could be signed by President Obama within days.

Unions vs. Business: An Early Test for Obama

President Obama is facing an early important test—card-check—the Employee Free Choice Act. It is a key goal for Labor, which is hoping for action this spring; but that has some other Obama allies—seeing the reaction of business interests—very worried.

Obama Stimulus Plan Ready for Mid-February Passage

President Barack Obama appears to be on track to win mid-February approval an economic stimulus plan to boost the ailing economy in spite of the need to work through some remaining issues.

Management and Financial Issues

Getting the Insurance Your Small Business Needs

While there are a variety of different insurance policies that your small business may need, finding the right type of insurance at the right price is essential.

How to Layoff Employees
It is the hardest part of being an employer, but laying people off is often an economic necessity and you have to know what you are doing.

Technology Issues

Digital Publishing: Moore's Law and You
If you think you've seen a lot change so far in the media landscape, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Nagging and Tracking Your Way to Productivity

Trying to get work done is tough if you have an Internet connection. Luckily, there are several sites and browser add-ons that can help keep us in line, be it with basic productivity or making sure we do not stumble in moments of weakness.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Training the Telecommuter

Companies today face intense pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs and nurture a loyal workforce and customer base. The home agent model many firms are using offers flexibility, fuel savings, reduced employee turnover, and is proven to deliver a superior customer experience.

Using Recognition in Tough Times
Great leaders have always used recognition to build confidence, focus employees on the right behaviors, and retain and engage their key people; all of which are especially important during tough times like these.

Sales and Marketing

Don't Keep Your Customers From Spending Money

It is time you understood how your customers use your services and how you can provide easy ways for them to make purchases and upgrades.

Measuring the Value of Social Marketing
You can measure the impact of a social media effort only after you've determined the business outcome it supports and established performance-based objectives.

Effective Presentations: Using Aristotle's Appeals
As valid today as they were over two thousand years ago, these methods, known as "Aristotle's Appeals," can make your sales presentations more compelling to your audience.