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Stimulus Plan Lacks Support in Senate, Obama Foresees Catastrophe if it Fails

Government and Economy

Senate: Insufficient Votes on Stimulus Bill
Senate Democrats concede that they lack the votes they need to pass the stimulus bill as currently written. They say that they will seek to cut provisions that would not immediately boost the economy in order to gain the additional support they need.

Obama: Failure to Pass the Stimulus Bill Would be “Catastrophic”

With Republicans working to reduce President Obama's ballooning economic stimulus plan, the President warned of “a catastrophe” if the bill is not passed quickly.

Car-Buyer Tax Break Added to Stimulus

The US Senate voted for tax breaks for new car buyers but against a bid to increase funding for infrastructure projects during debate on President Obama's economic stimulus legislation.

Small Green Companies See a Stimulus Package Payoff

When the government starts doling out tax dollars to kick-start the economy, companies with a green focus are hoping to be at the front of the line for contracts.

Management and Financial Issues

Small Business: Lessons in Innovation

You and your fellow small business owners are a highly innovative group, you just have to see that. To do that, you have to understand your customers.

Post-Layoff Leadership

You need to keep your business going, so determine what your customer-base wants and needs most, then work with your remaining employees to focus on servicing those wants and needs.

Technology Issues

What to Expect After Relaunching Your Website
What's normal and what you need to watch for when you redesign your website.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Wage Bias Law: A Burden Employers
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009—laudable in intent--may easily result in increased litigation and administrative headaches for many large and small employers.

Fit The Right Candidate to the Right Job

A company’s health depends on its employees working together to achieve company goals. A well-defined talent management strategy helps make this possible by assuring that the right people are in the right jobs when and where the business needs them.

Sales and Marketing

Connect to Your Customer Over the Web

While CRM is great at tracking and recording activity during the sales cycle, salespeople are discovering that they need to sell to more customers over the Web in a way that is stronger, more authentic, and more personal than CRM can deliver.

What a Pixel and Cookie Can Reveal
Here is a whole laundry list of things you can learn from a pixel and its accomplice, the cookie, when it comes to your online marketing efforts.

Oceans of Knowledge
Social media marketing does not work the way old fashioned advertising does and a lot of folks don't understand that. In fact, it stands in stark contrast to traditional advertising in that it is not about interrupting and telling.