Small Business Feels Left Out of Stimulus Bill

Government and Economy

Small Business Still Not Sold on Stimulus Package

According to entrepreneurs, owners and small business advocates, neither the $819 billion bill passed by the House, nor a similar measure coming to a vote in the Senate go far enough to bolster the small business sector.

Obama Raises the Stimulus Rhetoric

President Obama's soft-sell approach has not gotten him many converts to his economic stimulus plan, so he's taking a sharply partisan turn to get his message across.

Stimulus Will Lead to Disaster

Leading Republicans are warning that the Obama administration's $800+ billion-plus economic stimulus effort will lead to what one Republican lawmaker described as a "financial disaster."

Congress Divided Over Stimulus

The US Senate, if it passes its $827 billion economic stimulus bill, is going to face tough negotiations with the House over tens of billions of dollars in aid to states and local governments, tax provisions, education, healthcare and renewable energy programs.

Management and Financial Issues

Find Your Funding

Existing small businesses are fighting to keep their doors open, and fledgling small business owners are finding it more difficult to get the funding they need to open up shop. Still, there is some good news on the funding front.

Location, Location, Location!

The right location for their place of business can mean the difference between success and failure for entrepreneurs.

Doubling Your Strength

Learn how to recognize your "weaknesses" as latent “strengths” and how you can turn them to your advantage.

Technology Issues

Bounce Parameters, Budgets, and Deliverability
Are your e-mail bounce parameters hurting deliverability? Learn if, or when, e-mail addresses are being removed from your list for bouncing.

Business Intelligence Puts Your Company Information to Work
Data analysis is critical to your company's survival, but collecting data about your company's processes, financial situation, and business performance is often problematic. Learn about four trends that are now shaping the ways companies use BI and BI systems to improve their operations.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Small Businesses Shedding Jobs at an Alarming Rate

Small-business job losses could hit 2 million by January 2010 as firms with less than 50 workers continue an already year-long employment slide.

2009 Compensation Trends

Employers and employees cannot have a conversation these days without the uncertainly of the global economy entering the discussion.

Low-Cost Performance Measures for Your Business

The recession has companies scrutinizing expenses like never before.

Sales and Marketing

How Video Can Boost Your Marketing
How to incorporate video into your communications strategy, plus seven metrics to monitor to ensure you stay on track.

Thanking Your Customers Right
Here are eight opportunities to send a "thank you," plus when and how to do it effectively.

Lead Management Today
With the Internet changing the marketing game, marketing must now capture interested parties before they turn into "sales ready" leads and get passed into the CRM system.