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Get a Head Start on Taxes

Government & Politics
Small Business Incentives Face a Hard Road in Congress
President Obama’s incentives for small business to create jobs appear to be foundering at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Those proposals — tax credits for hiring and investment and initiatives to spur lending to small firms — all face strong resistance, and not all of it comes from the Senate. Each chamber has embraced separate elements of the administration’s agenda, and, for the moment, none of those elements overlap.

Government & Politics
U.S. Salary-Increase Budgets Hit 25-Year Low
Changes to salary structures to account for changes in cost of living and other factors aren’t expected to top 2 percent, according to The Conference Board’s survey. That’s below the board’s forecast of a 2.6 percent inflation rate.

Management & Operations
Building Lessons Learned in 2009: What Highly-Successful Small Business Owners Are Doing that You Can Do Too
I've talked to plenty of entrepreneurs who are just barely eking by right now. One of the most common complaints I hear from long-time business owners is "referrals alone are just not enough anymore."

Management & Operations
Harnessing the Power of Community to Grow Your Business
It is safe to assume the vast majority of Web-based businesses are using myriad tools and tactics designed to build brand, drive customer acquisition, and increase sales. Yet, when it comes to the term, "community," most sales-driven companies roll their virtual eyes.

Management & Operations
How Employers Should Handle Workplace Romance
Don't establish a policy prohibiting it, and don't ignore gossip that it exists. Do provide sexual harassment training—and buy employment liability insurance.

Management & Operations
Rise in Home-Based Businesses Tests Neighborliness
Local officials search for ways to support economically squeezed entrepreneurs while keeping noise, traffic in check.

Start-Up Issues
10 Tips for a Strong Start
Make sure you have a clear vision and plan--and that you stick to them.

Technology Issues
Focus on 'User Experience Optimization'
Driving traffic to your homepage is important, but making the destination worthwhile is vital.

Financial Issues
Today’s Market: Securing Credit For Your Small Business
If there’s any doubt that small businesses and access to credit are still a very hot topic in this almost-post recession economy, just read the headlines.

Financial Issues
AIG Overhauls Its System for Incentive Pay
Those ranked in the top 10 percent of employees will receive the greatest incentive pay, followed by those ranked in the next 20 percent, the next 50 percent and the remaining 20 percent.

Financial Issues
Does Your Small Business Need a Bailout?
As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (better known as the Stimulus Plan or Recovery Act) – the Small Business Administration (SBA) was awarded some $225 million to help small business owners who find themselves in financial trouble. This program was termed America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) program.

Tax Issues
Get a Head Start on Taxes
Tips for getting your records in order and preparing for the tax season.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Sales Lessons Learned From Selling in a Recession
The past year was definitely interesting. Some sales professionals prospered while others suffered. I spoke to one person who doubled his income—and he works in automotive sales! Yet, another well-established person experienced a decline of more than fifty percent in their sales.

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