Federal Confusion Stifling Credit Flow


Government and Economy

Federal Confusion Stifling Credit Flow

The federal government wants banks to lend more money to small businesses, but demands from federal regulators for more capital and higher deposit insurance premiums, and fears about what Congress may do next, are choking off the flow of much-needed money. MSNBC.com

Small Businesses Need Relief, Too

On Main Street, small businesses have been hit hard by the recession. Unable to obtain affordable capital and often in need of technical assistance to help them survive, many small businesses—needing direct help—are closing their doors and laying off workers. Reuters.com

Management and Financial Issues

Raising Capital: An Insider's View

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for funds to start or grow your business? Find out about this seminar series designed to help women find and secure business capital. BusinessKnowHow.com

Planning for Recovery

How you respond to changes and challenges now will determine your company’s prospects as the economy begins to recover. What can you do to strengthen yourself and your organization? BusinessWeek.com

Technology Issues

The Visitor That is Not a Visitor
The answer: when it's not a human; when it's a cookie. ClickZ.com

Benefits and Labor Issues

Democrats: Strengthen Wage Enforcement Agency
A GAO investigation finds that the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division often ignores complaints. Congressional Democrats plan to change that. Workforce.com

Workers Laid off From Small Firms May Get COBRA Subsidy

Under a new California bill, employees laid off from businesses with fewer than 20 workers would qualify for the temporary federal COBRA subsidy. Health insurers would have to notify previously insured employees. LATimes.com

Sales and Marketing

When Word-of-Mouth Marketing Bites Back
A lot of reputations are at stake when you give a referral—including yours. Make your referrals count, make them honest and maintain your integrity. Entrepreneur.com