What Are Small Businesses Afraid Of?

Government, Politics, and the Economy
Inflation Will Accelerate Next Decade, Economists Say
According to a poll taken by the National Association for Business Economics, the Federal Reserve cannot prevent the trillions of dollars from the stimulus package from inflation over the next decade, rising an average of 3% per year from 2014 through 2018. Bloomberg.com

Government, Politics, and the Economy
What's North Dakota Doing Right?
As the rest of the nation painfully struggles with balancing the budget and rising unemployment, the state of North Dakota is thriving. North Dakota has a huge surplus, and the state capital of Bismark has the lowest jobless rate in America. Find out what "The Peace Garden State" is doing right. BusinessWeek.com

Management and Operations
What Are Small Businesses Afraid Of?
Warrillow & Co. conducted a study to find out what small businesses owners are really scared of. The Warrillow study also examined the difference between fears and pain points of small business owners. BusinessKnowHow.com

Management and Operations
Commit to Superior Customer Service
By dedicating himself and his business to provide exceptional customer service, Hank has changed his career and outlook on life. A "regular Joe," Hank's story is an inspiration to businesses who want to excel and can do so by perfecting their customer service. ManagerSmarter.com

Legal Issues
Labor Laws Got You Lost? How to Play by the New Employment Rules
In just the few months that Obama has been in office, he has implemented new laws which change the way employers deal with their employees. Make sure you take a look to ensure you are complying with the new laws. Workforce.com 

Taxes and Financial Issues

Stocks: Beware the September Slump!
September is always a shaky month for the stock market, and investors are preparing as the dreadful month approaches. Also, Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion. How will that affect the stock market? CNNmoney.com

Technology Issues
Social Networking Tricks and Tweets
Social media, such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, are becoming very popular in the business world. Do you know what is work appropriate and what is not? BusinessManagementDaily.com

Health, Benefits, and Labor Issues
Seven Ways to Contain Business Health-Care Costs
In the next year, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, employers are expected to see about a 9% increase in their health-care costs. This does not take into account the health-care reform proposed by Obama, and that would not go into effect for another few years. Find out more. WSJ.com

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
3 Steps to Be More Than Just Another Salesperson
Perception is crucial for prospective clients and customers. Learn how to position yourself to stand out in a crowd of competitors to rise above and not be recognized as just another salesperson. BusinessKnowHow.com

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
"I'm Gonna Be On TV!"
Thinking about direct-response advertising for your business? Beware. Take a look at how direct-response companies lure in their consumers and what you should do to prevent trouble. Entrepreneur.com

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Blogging: The Best SEO Tool for Small Businesses
Want search engine optimization for your small business? According to a new study by Hubspot, blogging is the best SEO tool for small businesses. Find out why. SmallBizTrends.com