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Small Business Brief for 11/04

Politics and Economics

Does This Recession Stack Up?
Folks who know have drawn some stark comparisons between this downturn and past recession, but how does this crisis really compare to past recessions?

Small Business Agenda at California Meeting
Small business owners will have a chance to voice their ideas about policy proposals this month when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts the Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Los Angeles.

Law and Regulation Enforcement

Illegal for 30 Years, Pregnancy Discrimination is Still Around
EEOC data from fiscal years 1992 through 2007 show a 65% increase in pregnancy discrimination charges.

Business Groups Ask For Pension Law Reporting Changes Several business organizations are asking Congress to ease accounting requirements in employee pension programs to keep those programs from being frozen or suspended. The groups want temporary changes in reporting methods so that pension-plan investments remain viable.

Doing Business

Business Plan, Budget and Website are Startup Essentials
With the economic crisis in full swing, many people are considering opening their own small business. According to experts, a good first step is to create a business plan, a budget and a Web site.

What Customers Hate About You, Mr. Salesman

Admit it. Sometimes you just get the feeling that your customers don't like you? That may not be your imagination. Recent research has uncovered almost eighty reasons why customers dislike salespeople and so, to brighten your day, we are bringing you the top seven.

Small Business Buyer's Guide: VoIP Service Providers
Small business users of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) have similar concerns when it comes to cost, the range of features, and the level of service included in their VoIP plans. Does your provider measure up? Here are a few things you need to know before signing that contract.

Companies Cut Overhead with Hosted Telecom Services Many small businesses are cutting costs by eliminating physical office space in favor of virtual offices and hosted telecom services. Is that an option for your company?

Sales and Marketing

Tying Dollar Values to Marketing EfficienciesWhy this is so important during an economic downturn.