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Small Business Brief for 11/05

Politics and Economics

Business groups urge Obama to push stimulus
WASHINGTON (AP) - Barack Obama rode a wave of economic discontent to the White House and now faces the daunting task of turning the weakening economy around. Obama's victory makes a new economic stimulus package - perhaps as large as $150 billion - more likely, economists said.

Obama Win Offers Lessons for Business Leaders
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), won the presidency Tuesday by building a campaign that had a clear vision, clean execution and friends in high places, according to Jack and Suzy Welch. Business leaders should heed those three lessons.

Service sector shrinks as new orders drop
NEW YORK (AP) - Hotels, construction firms and retailers saw business shrink in October as slower spending and declining employment sent the service sector into contraction, another gloomy sign for the economy.

Government Contracts

Government Contracts Are Out There, If You Can Get Them
According to the Treasury Department, government contracts will be available to small businesses through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. The problem is that big businesses have already taken the early contracts. American Small Business League spokesman Christopher Gunn has criticized the SBA for failing to protect small business interests in the contract process, wondering if, in time, they improve unless “their feet are held to the fire.”

Law and Regulation Enforcement

The Law Under Obama

How the President-elect might affect things on the legal front. By Robert Bovarnick/Forbes

Doing Business

Giving Service Companies a Fast Start: SAP Business All-in-One Fast-start Program
Your success as a service provider depends on how well you manage key accounts to ensure long-term relationships and the highest possible margins. SAP's fast-start program offers a solution that can help you maximize client and service-line profitability by supporting industry best practices.

Computer Hardware Terms You Need to Know

The key to buying computer gear involves not only knowing your needs, but knowing how to communicate those needs to the right people. By Ben Cramer/Forbes

Sales and Marketing

Marketers Make the Move from Paper to Green Alternatives
A recent survey showed that 90% of the marketing industry wants to be more environmentally friendly, and that 60% plan to switch their marketing materials from paper to digital in the next 12 to 18 months.

Six Last-Minute SEO Tips for the Holidays
Online retailers have to learn that making the most of online holiday sales takes work and vigilance.

Should You Personalize Your Subject Lines?
If you do, we have some tips on doing it right.


Getting a Social Media Education
You can get into social media and start making face-to-face connections faster and easier than you thought possible.