Small Business Brief for 11/07

Politics and Economics

Obama Pledges to Act on Economy 'Immediately' After Taking Office

President-elect Barack Obama vowed to confront the nation's economy crisis “immediately after” taking office in January. He also called upon Congress to pass additional economic stimulus legislation including help for small businesses and an extension of unemployment insurance.

New Administration Could Change Small Business Landscape
The shift in power with the Democrats in the White House and Congress could change a host of policies affecting small business, including taxes and workers' benefits.

Business Leaders Look Forward to Friendly Policies from Obama
There are indications that the Obama administration will pursue a middle-of-the-road strategy on business matters. A weakened economy and the election of moderate Democrats to Congress will likely shelve more controversial proposals in favor of laws meant to stimulate economic growth.

Veterans Small Business Grants Awarded to Stimulate Business Development

The U.S. Small Business Administration has awarded more than $450,000 in Veterans Assistance and Services Grants to fund programs that promote business ownership for veterans and services to small businesses, including those dealing with deployment of key personnel overseas.

Banks Have Cash but Small Businesses Unwilling to Borrow
Small businesses are not going after the cash that the federal government is funneling into banks. Some experts admit that small firms will have to build up confidence again before they are willing to ask for loans that could help the economy recover.

September wholesale inventories drop unexpectedly
WASHINGTON (AP) - Wholesale inventories held by distributors fell in September, the government said Friday, as companies cut stockpiles in the face of the economic slowdown. The Commerce Department said inventories fell by 0.1 percent.

Law and Regulation Enforcement

Picking Your Way Through the New Discrimination Laws
A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision may expose businesses of all sizes up some nasty discrimination claims. Here's why.

Doing Business

Qualifying For A Business Loan

Credit is hard to get, banks and other lenders are closing the vaults, especially to small businesses. However, if you have a strong business that is solid in the three areas that lenders always consider, your chances will improve.

Establishing an Advisory Board
An advisory board can be a very important source of advice to a small business owner. Here is how to go about creating one.

Seven Minutes To Millions
Short is definitely sweet, especially if you are a venture capitalist with limited time and patience. This video will show you how to wow potential investors with a short presentation.

Sales and Marketing

High Prices Won't Scare Away Your Customers
As a business owner, you know your customers are going to be less than thrilled with paying more for your products or services, but there are ways to keep your customer's focus off of price and on the value of what your business offers them. Here is how.

Ad:tech? Obama:tech!
Four days, thousands of marketers, and laser-like attention on history's most successful digital campaign. How did they do it?

Look for More Social Networking Next Year
Social networking services are set to grow among small businesses next year, according to research conducted by Access Markets International Partners in New York.