Small Business Brief for 11/07

Politics and Economics Obama Pledges to Act on Economy 'Immediately' After Taking Office President-elect Barack Obama vowed to confront the nation's economy crisis “immediately after” taking office in January. He also called upon Congress to pass additional economic stimulus legislation including help for small businesses and an extension of unemployment insurance. New Administration Could Change Small Business Landscape The shift in power with the Democrats in the White House and Congress could change a host of policies affecting small business, including taxes and workers' benefits. [Read Full Article]

Small Business Brief for 11/06

Politics and Economics New Administration Comes with Both Hope and WorryWhile many small business owners hope that President-elect Barack Obama's policies will benefit them and improve the country's economy, many worry about how Democratic control of both the House and Senate will play out. How Should the President Help Small Business?Expert opinion on the most important thing the incoming President could do for small businesses. Your Business and the Financial CrisisBank failures are causing anxiety among small business owners who wonder what is going to happen to their financial agreements. Here is w... [Read Full Article]