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Small Business Brief for 11/24

Politics and Government

Obama Nominates Geithner for Treasury
CHICAGO (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Timothy Geithner to be his treasury secretary. Geithner is president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and has been working with the Bush administration on ways to solve the credit crisis.

Obama Aims to Create 2.5 Million Jobs to Abate Crisis

President-elect Barack Obama said he aims to save or create 2.5 million jobs in a two-year plan to stimulate an economy facing a “crisis of historic proportions.”

Bush Says Citigroup Deal Needed to Protect System
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush argued Monday that the government's dramatic rescue of Citigroup was necessary to "safeguard the financial system" and help the economy recover, and he said there could be more such moves if other institutions need help.


Economics and Labor Issues

Obama's Economic Stimulus May Top $700 Billion as Paulson Maps New Program

Barack Obama will today unveil an economic team steeped in fighting crises and likely to push for an unprecedented government role in reviving growth and stabilizing the financial system.

Law and Regulation Enforcement

Contemplating a Business Partnership?

The initial inspiration is the fun part, followed by honest discussion of expectations, roles, and other details of a good partnership.

Doing Business

Improve Your Shipping

While there's not much you can do if the shipping service you use loses or damages a package through no fault of yours, there are steps you can take to improve the probability that the packages you ship will get to the customer on time and in good condition during the holidays.

Sales and Marketing

Selling $300 Jeans in a Down Economy

Michael Ball explains how he built the Rock & Republic brand from scratch and what he's doing to weather the downturn.

First Impressions: E-mail's Drive in 2009
Three elements you should consider investing in to ensure your e-mail marketing campaigns drive the strongest first impression.

Getting Support for Your Search Marketing Activities
Four steps to build a compelling business case for search marketing initiatives.