Small Business Brief for 11/26

Politics and Government

Obama Adds Econ Advisers, Says 'Help is on The Way'
CHICAGO (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to have an economic plan ready for action to deal with the nation's financial crisis on his first day in office. "Help is on the way," he declared.

Obama to Name Volcker Head of New Economic Panel
The president-elect will announce a new economic advisory committee, which will be steered by the former Federal Reserve chairman.

US Details $800 Billion Loan Plans
The Fed and the Treasury are willing to print as much money as needed to revive the banking system.

Economics and Labor Issues

4 New Reports Reveal Battered Economy
WASHINGTON (AP) - The government released a quartet of reports Wednesday that paint a bleak picture of the nation's economy: Jobless claims remain at recessionary levels, Americans cut back on their spending by the largest amount since the 2001 terrorist attacks, orders to U.S. factories plummeted and homes sales fell to the lowest level in nearly 18 years.

Law and Regulation Enforcement

U.S. Prosecutors Reviewing AIG's Cassano for Misstatements

Prosecutors are examining statements by former AIG executive Joseph Cassano to see if he misled auditors and investors on subprime mortgage-related losses.

Layoffs And Lawsuits

White-collar workers laid off due to the economic crisis are using a 20-year-old plant-closing law to sue for severance benefits.

Biodiesel Tax Incentive; Cellulosic Biofuel Producer Credit
This new publication from the IRS provides guidance on the changes to the biodiesel tax incentives resulting from a revision to the requirements of the American Society of Testing and Materials standard D6751 (ASTM D6751). This notice also provides guidance on the cellulosic biofuel producer credit under section 40, which was added to the Code by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Pub. L. 110-234).


Doing Business

Seeking Cash

The increasingly desperate search for the stuff is changing modern management, and not always for the better.

You Can Still Find Venture Capital if You Know Where to Look
Promising start-ups are still being funded. We show you how to find these hot spots of activity.

Sales and Marketing

Be Thankful for E-mail
Why e-mail marketing offers a bright spot despite the economic downturn.

Why Search Marketers Should be Thankful
A list of tools and events that search engine marketers should be thankful for this year.

Rapid Transitions: Changing Brand Meaning in Plain View
The new government being formed by President-Elect Obama's team provides great insight into creating expectations for transparency and interaction.

Obama, Web 2.0, and the Best of Behavioral Marketing
How the president-elect can use technology to bypass news media to make direct appeals to the public.