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Business Structure and the Obama Tax Plan: How Will You Make Out?

Government and Economy

Business Structure and the Obama Tax Plan
President-elect Barack Obama has indicated that he may hold off on his plan to raise taxes, but if Obama goes through with his plan, how hard a business is affected will depend on how it is structured.

New Presentations on now features video and audio presentations on a variety of topics for small businesses and self-employed taxpayers.

IRS Schedule C Podcast

The IRS has produced a new audio podcast for first-time Schedule C filers. The presentation includes basic tips to help new business owners avoid potential problems.

SBA Loan Caps Limit Women and Minority Access
Small Business Administration loans have been capped and their number reduced. Although they originally targeted veterans, women and minorities in low- and middle-income areas, all small-business owners looking for less than $25,000 are eligible, limiting access for women and minorities.

Benefit and Labor Issues

Battle Brewing Over Unions
Democratic and labor leaders are poised for a battle with conservatives and business over the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for unions to organize.

Finding the Best Health Plan
In this report, Forbes offers a guideline for entrepreneurs who are shopping for insurance, explores how to find the best deals and looks at seven technologies that could change health care.

Doing Business and Finance Issues

Home Office Deductions to Save You Money
Take a moment to look at these tips on these deductions, which include: Educate yourself on recent tax rules, ask a tax professional for advice, document deductible items, consider whether deducting home office space is worthwhile and research Web sites that offer information on home offices.

Productivity Enhancement Tools
Here you have good advice for keeping up during a downturn that covers topics from meaningful measurement to nifty software.

Sales and Marketing

Gracious E-mail Networking
Here are six LinkedIn applications that can help you to renew and establish business relationships.

This is Not Behavioral Marketing
Behavioral marketing is not a magic bullet, nor is it some sinister plot to get at your personal information.

The Joy of Promotional Products
Promotional products can have a great deal of influence with consumers. A survey of business travelers found that as many as 76% of respondents who received a promotional product within the last year could remember the advertiser's name, which was much higher than their recall of print ads seen within the last week.