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Hiring by Smallest Employers May Signal Job Recovery

In the NewsCompliance Science: What Workforce Managers Need to Know About Immigration EnforcementAmong the administration's top priorities, immigration remains on track largely due to bipartisan interest in Congress. While an immigration reform bill may be out of the question this year—major expansion of aggressive enforcement efforts is well underway. ManageSmarter.comIn the NewsWalmart Places a Mega Buy with YahooThose tie-ins are part of an ad deal between Walmart and Yahoo is the largest the Bentonville, AR-based company has made to date with a single online publisher, according to... [Read Full Article]

Tech: The Return of Risk-Taking

Government, Politics, and the EconomyTech: The Return of Risk-Taking Suddenly, there are mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and investors galore. Will the reenergized industry lead the U.S. out of the Great Recession? BusinessWeek.comManagement and Operations33 Highly Useful Presentation Tools Use these tools for presentations to engage your audience, and get your point across using the latest technology. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

SBA’s Dealer Floor Plan Financing Begins

July 1st saw the beginning of the Small Business Administration’s Dealer Floor Plan (DFP) financing program, which will make it easier for auto, RV and other dealerships to borrow against their inventory and increase their cash flow. The new pilot program is one of the many tools SBA is making available to help increase access to capital and technical assistance to small business.  DFP financing is a revolving line of credit that allows a dealership to obtain financing through SBA’s 7(a) program for inventory that can be titled, such as autos, RVs, manufactured homes, boats and trailers.  As each piece of collateral is sold by the dealer, the loan advance against that piece of collateral is repaid. As the loan is repaid, the dealer can borrow against the line of credit to add new inventory.  DFP loans will be available for a minimum of $500,000 up to the $2 million allowable under the 7(a) program. With a maximum repayment term of five years, the loans will co... [Read Full Article]

Saving Small Businesses by Buying Local

  Government and Economy Saving Small Businesses by Buying Local Tired of seeing local small businesses being ravaged by the recession, some people are trying to reverse the fortunes of mom-and-pop stores by organizing their towns to “buy local.” Military Contracts: Big Help for Small Businesses With the economy the way it is, some small businesses are finding both safety and profits in pursuing military contracts. [Read Full Article]

SBA Loans: The Irony of Cutbacks and Finding Your Funding

One thing you can always count on from Washington is irony, and today they did not disappoint. To date, the US Government under Bush and Obama have spent well over a trillion of your tax dollars and mine to shore up the economy and, specifically, to “inject liquidity” into the credit market. We have had TARP I and TARP II, the Stimulus Bill, the federal spending bill, earmarks, pork, bailouts and anything else they could think of to throw money at. The Chinese have bought T-bills until it hurt and now we are printing enough money to double the money supply in this country just so the Fed can buy more T-bills. On top of that we now have trillion dollar budget deficits and governmental power-grabs that would make the Medicis blush and for what? Well, among other social and political goals, they are ostensibly doing this so the banks will loan money to you. Problem is that the bank... [Read Full Article]

SBA Lenders Pulling Back from Small Businesses

  Government and Economy Top SBA Lenders Dropping Small Business Loans As new government programs are poised to inject more liquidity into the credit market, several of the SBA's most active lenders have sharply reduced their loan volume, refusing new applications or lowering volume to a trickle. Business Forward: A Liberal Business Group High-powered Democratic consultants, well-connected with the Obama Administration, are recruiting for a new trade group called “Business Forward.” They are doing this to drum-up support for Obama's program... [Read Full Article]

Start-ups May Get Big Tax Break

  Government and Economy Bill Could Make Healthcare Cheaper for the Self-Employed The measure under consideration would put an end to the FICA tax on health insurance premiums for the self-employed, making them more affordable and leveling the playing field with other businesses. Startups May Get Big Tax Break New, bipartisan legislation proposes to amend the IRS code to allow new businesses to write off more of their operating costs. The Small Business Formation and Job Creation Act, would raise the start-up business deduction from the current $5,000 to $20,000. [Read Full Article]

Small Firms Targeted by Stimulus Scammers

  Government and Economy Small Business Stimulus Loan Scams The SBA doesn't give stimulus package loans directly to small businesses, but that hasn't stopped scammers from trying to make you believe otherwise. Auto Suppliers to Receive $5 billion Bailout The Treasury Department is trying to stabilize the auto industry by providing as much as $5 billion in financing to troubled auto parts suppliers linked to Detroit's car makers. [Read Full Article]

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