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Hiring by Smallest Employers May Signal Job Recovery

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Compliance Science: What Workforce Managers Need to Know About Immigration Enforcement
Among the administration's top priorities, immigration remains on track largely due to bipartisan interest in Congress. While an immigration reform bill may be out of the question this year—major expansion of aggressive enforcement efforts is well underway.

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Walmart Places a Mega Buy with Yahoo
Those tie-ins are part of an ad deal between Walmart and Yahoo is the largest the Bentonville, AR-based company has made to date with a single online publisher, according to Yahoo.

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Beware of Fraudulent Census Takers
Although the 2010 Census does not officially begin until April, the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Economic Crimes Bureau is reporting that residents in their part of Florida have been targeted by crooks who pose as Census takers.

U.S. Stocks Advance on Anniversary of 2009 Bear-Market Low
U.S. stocks rose on the anniversary of the 2009 bear-market low for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index amid speculation the economy will continue to recover from the worst contraction since the Great Depression.

Hiring by Smallest Employers May Signal Job Recovery
As Congress continues to shape a jobs bill, data from payroll companies suggest that small businesses have started to hire.

Domestic Hiring Plans Improve From a Year Ago
U.S. manufacturing and service-sector employers’ hiring plans for March are improved compared with the same month a year ago, according to a report on leading indicators of national employment released Friday, March 5, by the Society for Human Resource Management.

What States and Cities Are Doing to Help Small Businesses
While Washington debates how to help the country’s struggling small businesses, states and municipalities have stepped up with an array of initiatives to stanch closings and save jobs.

Financial Issues
Regulators Ease Up On Small Business Loans
It's a chicken-and-egg problem that's plagued the credit markets for a year: Small businesses become riskier lending bets in a downturn, prompting banks to slash their lending. But tight credit cuts off the financing companies need to hire and grow, which in turn drags on the economy and causes more businesses to fail.

Financial Issues
TALF, Kickstarter for Small-Business Loans, Departs
This month, one of the initial recovery efforts aimed at the small-business lending market is set to expire.

Cisco Systems Releases $90,000 Router Tested by AT&T in 'Successful' Trial
Cisco Systems Inc., the world’s biggest network-equipment maker, will start selling a router that it says will accelerate the speed of data and video downloads on the Internet.

Operations & Management
Despite Growing Social Media Activity, U.S. Latinos Ignored by Big Brands
Seventy-eight percent of Fortune 1000 companies are not employing social media sites to market to Latinos, according to survey results released yesterday by Hispanics-focused agency Orci.

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