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Should SBA be Elevated to Cabinet Status? Landrieu Says “Yes!”

Government and Economy

Small Business "Lost in the Equation"
Because banks are refusing to make loans and the government is focusing on big-business bailouts, small businesses are "lost in the equation" and are hurting, says Raymond J. Keating, chief economist with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

Landrieu: Include SBA in the Cabinet
Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., the new chair of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, has called on President-elect Barack Obama to put a Small Business Administration voice in his Cabinet.

Changes to Employer-Provided Contribution Rules

Ruling 2009-02 provides the covered compensation tables under section 401 of the Code for the year 2009 for use in determining contributions to defined benefit plans and permitted disparity.

Management and Financial Issues

Grooming Someone for Leadership?
Should you tell your best people that they are being groomed for leadership? The answer depends on the culture of your workplace and whether you do it right. If you do, you will see better retention of top talent and send a clear message about the qualities that make good leaders.

No Simple Cure for the Economic Crisis

Managers can look for one simple strategy to handle these uncertain times, but Drucker was clear: A single answer is never the answer

Benefits and Labor Issues

Businesses Keeping Workers, Reducing Raises and Bonuses
A study of 450 companies across the country shows that 66% of the firms are not planning to make significant job cuts to cope with the recession. Others, about 49%, indicated that raises and merit-pay increases will be held down, while 40% said they will cut bonuses and incentive pay.

Working With Low Performers
There may be better ways to handle low-performing employees than terminating them. It all depends on the the circumstances.

Tackling Employee Benefits
Competitive employee benefits are critical to attracting and retaining skilled employees, but employers naturally want to reduce the cost of employee benefits as much as they can to stay competitive.

Sales and Marketing

Tips for Effective Sales

Even during tough times, effective salespeople can acquire new customers and make sales. How? Here are the top ten tips for effective sales success regardless of the economy.

Building an Email Strategy A solid e-mail strategy is vital to any traffic-driving effort and competitive intelligence from free data sources can help you build that strategy.

Not Online? That Could be the Death of Your Business

Before you decide against taking your company online, be sure you know about future buying trends. If you don't, your business may wind up out of business.

Experiential Marketing With savvy and informed consumers that won't just take your word on a product, letting them sample the experience is more important than ever.

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