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Clinton Insider Gets Commodities Post, Automakers Get $17.4 Billion

Government and Economy

Obama Names Clinton Insider to Commodities Post
Gary Gensler, a former Clinton Treasury official, has been picked by President-elect Obama to regulate the same financial instruments he defended in the nineties, instruments that helped to create the subprime mortgage crisis.

Stabilizing the Automotive Industry

The text of Treasury Secretary Paulson's statement on stabilizing the automotive industry.

President Bush: Automakers to get $17.4B
Citing danger to the national economy, the Bush administration came to the rescue of the U.S. auto industry Friday, offering $17.4 billion in emergency loans in exchange for concessions from the deeply troubled carmakers and their workers.

Paulson:Time to release second $350B
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says Congress will need to release the last half of the $700 billion rescue fund because the first $350 billion has been committed.

Management and Financial Issues

Strategies to Lower Your Tax Bill in April
This year, of all years, every dollar you save is important. That's particularly true when it comes to taxes. A few steps taken now before the year ends can save you money when tax time rolls around.

The Right People can Warm-up Your Business in a Stone-Cold Market

This entrepreneur says success is all about picking the right team.

The Right People can Warm-up Your Business in a Stone-Cold Market

Susana Ortega was shocked when a woman walked into B.O.C., the Manhattan boutique where she works, and asked for $300 off of an $800 purse. In exchange, the woman said, she’d pay cash.

Recession-era Goal Setting

When the economic picture shifts, so do the criteria for success. Set them wisely.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Avoid Holiday Party Sexual Harassment

Read this before hitting the eggnog at the company bash.

Special Edition: Employee Plans News

IRS Notice 2009-3 extends the deadline for 403(b) plan sponsors to adopt new written plans or amend their existing written plans from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2009.

Groups Want Health Reform Prioritized
Because healthcare reform must remain a priority for the President-elect, even as the growing economic crisis continues, a coalition of business groups are pressing Obama to act on this during his first 100 days.

Sales and Marketing

Meet the Yellow Pages

When considering the best online ways to advertise to your local market, don't forget about a tried-and-true resource that has been around since before you were born.

Five Top Local Search Tips
Don't suffer from information overload paralysis. Get started on these five tasks today.

Stronger Customer Bonds

4 ways to market effectively in a downturn and maximize customer feedback.

Digital Marketing in 2009
Next year isn't going to be easy, but there are areas of digital marketing that offer great promise in the New Year.