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Happy New Year from America's Best Companies

Government and Economy

Bush Signs Pension Funding Relief Measure
The Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 was passed by Congress this month as part of an effort to aid employers facing large pension funding obligations due to the plunge in investment values.

Ohio minimum wage to rise New Year's Day

Some of Ohio's lowest-paid workers will receive a modest raise Thursday, when the state's minimum wage increases from $7 to $7.30 per hour.

Management and Financial Issues

Outsourcing Could Increase in 2009
2009 could well offer new opportunities for small companies to pick up work as more large companies send more functions out of the house, something to remember if you're looking to start an outsourcing business.

Technology Issues

Make 2009 a Better E-mail Year
Any of these ten resolutions will help you get your e-mail efforts back on track in the coming year.

Benefits and Labor Issues

More Employers Opt for Unpaid Vacations
An increasing number of employers across the country are looking at unpaid furloughs as a way of reining in their costs without laying off workers as the recession continues into the new year.

Replacing Top Performers is Expensive
Turnover is expensive, but unless you work to recognize and retain valuable workers you can lose far more than you think.

Sales and Marketing

Five Items for Your New Year's To-Do List
Consider taking these steps to make your online marketing initiatives shine in 2009.

How Fear-Based Marketing Can Be Effective
There are ways to use innate human fear to empower consumers and allow them to be in control.