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Small Biz Tip: About the Customers

Tips originally broadcast on November 17, 2008

The Small Business tips today will be about your customers, not you.

  1. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Remember to always give 100%.
  2. Finding a new customer is harder than keeping the ones you have. You may have them hooked, but you gotta keep 'em fed!
  3. Personalize your product or marketing if you can. Meet specific needs of current and potential customers.
  4. Be willing to stretch beyond your own specifications. If you make them happy, someone will ask them why they're smiling.

Daily Overview: Love the one you're with! Treat your current customers like gold because they ARE! They'll help you get new ones.


I post small business tips on my Twitter account each day, Monday through Friday. This is a reposting of those tips.

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