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Small Biz Tip: How to Make a Successful Sales Call

Tips from June 16, 2009

The Small Business tips today will be steps in order to make a successful sales call.

  1. Use a professional greeting and introduce yourself and your company.  Let the other party participate in the greeting. Be general and keep your prospect curious by not introducing the product right away.
  2. Express gratitude when informing the prospect the reason for your call. Don’t waste any of their time, and show appreciation towards the prospect.  Give the purpose of the call in the form of a question, and sell what your product can do for them and not just the product itself.
  3. Set up a second meeting to give a full presentation.  If your prospect wants to discuss your product right then and there, do so.  If not, set up a meeting at a future date and give two specific times for them to choose to put you in control. 
  4. Thank your prospect for their time and give your contact information.  If a second meeting is planned, follow up with a confirmation via email or phone.

Daily Overview: Be professional, courteous, and informative during a sales call to ensure attention and consideration from your prospect. 

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