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Small Biz Tip: Businesses to Start Now: Arts

Tips from February 26, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss businesses in the art industry to start NOW!

  1. Photography: Weddings, graduations, senior portraits, head shots, and more. Photographers are always in need. If you have a great camera and a good artistic, eye, start your own photography business.
  2. Interior Design: Use your artistic talents and skill to start an interior design business. Take a few classes if you want to brush up on the latest trends. Start on your own home, then use those pictures as an example for your portfolio.
  3. Home Entertainment Designer: Many homes are starting to install home entertainment systems. Research popular models and designs and start a business of your own.
  4. Take your creative hobbies and turn them into art. Pottery, candles, paintings, and portraits are great pieces of art that have value and can be sold.

Daily Overview: The art industry is always thriving. People are constantly redecorating, looking for change, and a way to represent themselves in their atmosphere.

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