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Small Biz Tip: Blogs: Types of Blogs to Get Comments

Tips from March 15, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss different types of blog posts to attract visitors and receive comments.

  1. Competitions - Read: FREE GIVEAWAYS. Encourage people to comment on your blog to interact, share ideas, or discuss your post, and offer a giveaway for the most insightful comment.
  2. Interesting/Quirky Information - Share a unique story or interesting link on your blog, and discuss. Ask your readers if they've heard of your information/link. Encourage a discussion.
  3. Debate - Pose two debating topics or opinions to your readers, and let the comments fly. State the facts for each, and again, ask your readers what they think.
  4. Lists & Resources - If you are posting a good amount of information with links and resources for your followers, your readers will comment with compliments, or with their own suggestions. For those resources you include, email them to inform them you are including them on your blog. They will most likely leave a thank you comment.

Daily Overview: Comments will appear on your blog when you engage your readers. Post useful information. Pose questions. Interact!

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