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Small Biz Tip: Being an Empowering Leader

Tips from Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Small Business tips today will be about being that empowering leader.

  1. Provide employees with the history behind procedures and policies. Background is essential for good decision making.
  2. Provide the necessary resources. Your list of contacts? Appropriate forms? Give your employees the opportunity to succeed.
  3. Teach employees what to do when they can’t solve a problem; going to the president should not be the consistent solution.
  4. Learn to delegate. This will build confidence and teach employees the necessary steps to follow in your business.

Daily Overview: Be forthcoming with information and resources. Teach problem-solving skills and allow them to take on other things.


I post small business tips on my Twitter account each day, Monday through Friday. This is a reposting of those tips.

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