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Small Biz Tip: Human Resources: Performance Reviews

Tips from November 19, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss how to conduct performance reviews.

  1. Apply performance reviews to everyone in the office. Be fair and consistent with all reviews. The easiest way to do this is to create a template criteria sheet for every performance review.
  2. Conduct your review first, and before revealing it to the employee, ask them to evaluate themselves. The two should match fairly closely. If not, it's a red flag that something is not right. Talk the evaluation out and clarify expectations of their role.
  3. Although it is hard, you need to indicate poor performance. Be honest and straightforward about it, but don't be brutal or harsh. If you have any examples of the poor performance, document the behavior as it is happening.
  4. A performance review is not just to point out what the employee has been doing wrong. Use it to show what they're doing right as well. It's just as important since positive reinforcement is more motivating than a negative.

Daily Overview: Performance reviews are critiques to change the behavior of every employee to do the best they can. Be honest, fair, and objective.

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