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Small Biz Tip: Employment : What to Wear to an Interview

Tips from Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Small Business tips today will guide you on how to dress for a job interview.

  1. When interviewing always dress your best: business attire. The daily dress code MAY be different. Still, dress to impress.
  2. Before you start interviewing, make sure your interview clothing fits. Have it dry cleaned.
  3. What not to wear to an interview: Jeans, multiple piercings, your cell phone, perfume or cologne.
  4. Guys interview in suit, tie, dress pants, dark socks, dress shoes. Ladies interview in suit, conservative shoes, light make-up.

Daily Overview: Dress in business attire where everything fits and nothing is offensive.

Small businesses are what this nation was built from and are what will save our economy. You’ll likely end up working for one of them. So when you get this new job, show them what we offer here at America’s Best Companies and they’ll be sure to thank you!