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Small Biz Tip: Media Coverage: How to get more media through media

Tips from August 21, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss Media Coverage: How to get more media through media

  1. Keep your relationship strong with a journalist so they know that if your industry or topic of interest comes up again they can contact you for another story.
  2. If you have an article published be active on sending the articles out to nationwide publications. Newspapers are often more interested on reporting on recent news.
  3. You are an expert in your industry to don't be shy; let the journalist or publication know you are available as a source. Getting your name or your businesses name attached to quotes is positive even if the story is not all about you.
  4. Write a feature article on something in your industry. If your article is well written you may even be published which will show the viewers you are an expert and they should come in to your business. 

Daily Overview: Get more media through media by keeping media relationships strong, sending out your publications, commenting on your industries issues, and writing about what you know.

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