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Small Biz Tip: Networking: Setting Up An Event

Tips from October 29, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss how to set up a small business event to network in your community.

  1. Market your event via flyers, Chambers of Commerce, radio advertisements, mailers, on your website, as well as word of mouth.
  2. Create a Facebook invite and notify your friends, family, group members, as well as fans. Send them a reminder message a day before the event.
  3. Offer small, free gifts for people at your event, such as pens, magnets, or pads of paper. Have all of your contact information easily readable on it.
  4. At the event, collect business cards & give yours out. At the conclusion of the event, send a thank you letter & save their contact information.

Daily Overview: Events allow your business to connect with other people and businesses to create relationships and build support.

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