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Small Biz Tip: People Skills: Nonverbal Communication

Tips from March 3, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss nonverbal communication.

  1. Smile! Showing your pearly whites invites people to your conversation. It also generates a positive vibe and environment to share ideas.
  2. Eye contact is crucial. It shows that you are paying attention to what is going on around you, and that you are listening to the conversation. Eye contact will engage others to interact with you in conversation as well.
  3. Stop fidgeting! Nervous hand gestures, such a foot tapping, folding hands over chest, hair twirling, or just anything awkward will generate negativity and uneasiness in others.
  4. Nod your head while others are talking.  They will know you are listening, and acknowledging that you understand what is taking place.

Daily Overview: You can communicate to the world without speaking. Keep these nonverbal cues in check the next time you are speaking.

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