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Small Biz Tip: Rebranding: Communication

Tips from April 6, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss communicating while rebranding your business.

  1. Many people will have questions about your rebranding. Answer questions that are posted on your website, in comments, on social media, or any other communication channel publicly. This way, others who might have the same question will be able to see your answer. Explain the change, and what you hope to accomplish in each answer.
  2. Be authentic. When you're communicating to others outside your company make sure you are accurate in explaining what exactly is going on. Tell the truth. Be real. Any discrepancies will look poorly upon your company.
  3. If you announce something, make sure you follow through. There is nothing worse than consumers, customers, and competitors with high expectations and be let down.
  4. Keep communication lines open and available. Your website is a great communication tool, as well as your social media accounts (more later this week). This allows people to contact you or at least have the information to contact you whenever they would like.

Daily Overview: Open communication lines allow for the rebranding news to get out to the public, as well as answer any questions that others may have.  

We post these small business tips to our employee's Twitter account each day, Monday through Friday. This is a reposting of those tips.


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