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Small Biz Tip: Employment : Resume Writing

Tips from Monday, March 23, 2009

Today’s Small Business tips will show you how to write the best possible resume.

  1. Your resume has to stand out! Make it look pretty, not the standard Word template all those other job posters will use.
  2. Use numbers in describing previous positions. Percentages, numbers, accomplishments = easier and more real than big words.
  3. Use good spelling, grammar and punctuation on your resume or be overlooked instantly! Using the wrong words say a lot about you.
  4. Write a new objective per job application. No two jobs are alike! Use words from the job ad. Same goes for your 1 pg cover letter.

Daily Overview: Your resume needs to stand out from everyone else! Make it look good in every possible way. Personalize!

Small businesses are what this nation was built from and are what will save our economy. You’ll likely end up working for one of them. So when you get this new job, show them what we offer here at America’s Best Companies and they’ll be sure to thank you!