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Small Biz Tip: Time Management Step 1: Get the Mindset

Tips from July 27, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss time management. Step 1: Get the right mindset.

  1. Reality is, everyone only has 24 hours in a day. Learn to how to manage that time, but don't forget to relax!
  2. Start with yourself. YOU are in control. Don't let time manage you. Resolve to take control & manage your time.
  3. Acknowledge you need help to manage time. Be open to suggestions. Realize you must make sacrifices in order to change habits.
  4. Don't waste time! Start now! Time stops for no one. Once you take control of time, you will be able to change the future.

Daily Overview: Everyone has the same amount of time - the challenge is to start to use it effectively. There is no time like the present!