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Small Biz Tip: Employment : What to Say at an Interview

Tips from Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Small Business tips today will cover what to say on a job interview.

  1. During a job interview do NOT share how desperately you need the job, no matter how desperate.
  2. Research the company ahead of time. Come prepared with a list of at least 5 questions.
  3. Don't use big industry jargon. Speak simply and coherently and your intelligence should speak for itself.
  4. Never interrupt an interviewer when they’re speaking or formulating a question. Appear calm, confident and patient.

Daily Overview: Desperation doesn’t translate to dedication. Show knowledge without big words and don’t interrupt.

Small businesses are what this nation was built from and are what will save our economy. You’ll likely end up working for one of them. So when you get this new job, show them what we offer here at America’s Best Companies and they’ll be sure to thank you!

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