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Top Ten Social Network Websites for Small Businesses

A successful social network allows users to virtually connect with each other and share common ideas, goals, and values.  Social network services can prove useful to small businesses as they provide a way for them to get their name out to the public and build relationships. Here are some of the top social networking websites for small businesses:

ConstantContact Community
Small business owners can now communicate on the ConstantContact community network, a leading email marketing and online survey tool. A membership with ConstantContact allows small business owners to discuss various topics on discussion boards, ranging from businesses referrals to useful resources.


Facebook connects friends, coworkers, and classmates in various regional networks, favoring high school and college students. Facebook pages or groups can be created for small businesses to allow any member to reach, contact, and receive information about your business.


Dedicated to ensuring friends, family, and coworkers stay in touch, Friendster enables users to share information about their interests. From referring other users to small businesses, to helping advertise your own, Friendster easily allows users to share information on their social networking website.


Like many business social networking sites, Konnects allows business owners to build a website, join discussions, and access thousands of online communities. Konnects builds small business knowledge by allowing members to centralize your business network and learn more about your colleagues or competition.


A new vocational network, LinkedIn, connects professionals around the world. Profiles are based on professional accomplishments which allow coworkers, colleagues, and clients to find you. Search for jobs, create connections, and research other members for potential occupation opportunities.


Connect with friends, family, and other businesses around the world with the online community of MySpace. Unlike Facebook, MySpace encourages one online social network which allows small businesses to easily share information and communicate.


Networking for Professionals
The unique community of Network for Professionals combines social networking in both the virtual and real world. Members post their business profiles online along with pictures, videos or published articles, as well as commit to attending business networking events. The face-to-face interaction with your online colleagues gives Network for Professionals an edge over many business social networking sites.


Build your small business with the social network of Ryze. A free page allows users to create business contacts, help your company make deals with other businesses, and build your small business network online. Reach thousands of business owners within one social website to share ideas, goals and beliefs.


The ingenious networking of Spoke helps business owners already in the online social network to expand their contacts on the web. Users refer other business owners to join Spoke to have more resources on the Internet within their network. Spoke also helps to keep and build current contacts on their social network.


Connect on a business level with powerful people around with world with XING. Searching for people and managing contacts allows small businesses to expand their network. Experts, decision makers, and colleagues on XING can help small business owners get professional business information.


These ten social networking websites are excellent for small businesses connecting with others on the Internet. The user friendly websites allows open online communication and the sharing of interests to help the fight against the big boxes. Sign up today, and get involved!

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