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Tips for Clearing Small Business Hurdles

Small businesses, buckle up! From cut-throat competition to adapting to new tech, and attracting top talent, there are many obstacles up ahead, as highlighted in this recent article from Sacramento Business Journal.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is growing competition. With more businesses entering the market and existing companies expanding their reach, it can be difficult for small businesses to stand out and attract customers. In order to stay competitive, small businesses must focus on offering unique products and services, and providing a high-quality customer experience.

Another major challenge for small businesses is adapting to new technologies. With advancements in technology happening at a rapid pace, small businesses must be able to keep up and make the most of new tools and platforms. This requires a significant investment of time and resources, but it can also open up new opportunities and help businesses reach new customers.

Finally, small businesses must also deal with the struggle to attract and retain top talent. With unemployment rates at historic lows, it's becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to find and hire skilled workers. To overcome this challenge, small businesses must offer competitive pay and benefits, and create a positive and supportive work environment.

Overall, small businesses in the USA face a range of challenges in the coming years, but by being proactive and adapting to changing circumstances, they can stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the marketplace.

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