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Suspicious Support: Wal-Mart's Failing Campaign in Chicago

Wal-Mart has set on an endeavor to break into the Chicago retail market yet again. A location has been proposed in Chatham, a town on the South Side of Chicago, for a second Wal-Mart within Chicago city limits. There are people that have voiced their opinions against Wal-Mart. Some believe that there will be no tax revenue for the city, no net job increase, Wal-Mart will drive down wages, and, most importantly, destroy local businesses. Wal-Mart and its allies refute the accusations, saying that the neighborhood and its area residents should be the ones who decide on the fate of the mega mart. Truthfully, the South and West sides of Chicago don't have very many options for their necessities and few resources. The Chatham Wal-Mart is one of the suggested solutions. The StoryAll businesses, including ones that are already established, need to have support to get the business started on the right foot. This can be done through public relations, marketing efforts, words o... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Networking: Chamber of Commerce

Tips from October 28, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to network. Join local businesses in promoting your town's economy by shopping locally to keep money in your community. Network with your neighbors to coordinate discounts and promotions to encourage consumers to buy locally. Meet a few times every month. Discuss your community's economy, goals for the future, & new programs or events coming up. Plan an event with your Chamber. Invite all small businesses to host the event & open it to the community. More tomorrow! Daily Overview: Use your Chamber of Commerce membership to its full potential by networking with other local businesses. [Read Full Article]

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