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Strong Communication Skills and Some Wise Words

The Need for Strong Communications in Business When you have a whole division to eliminate from your company payroll, do you: A) Have the HR people descend upon the target and deliver the bad news in cold, concrete terms clearly designed to limit lawsuits; B) Go down yourself (as CEO) to pass out severance checks and shake hands with everyone as they exit the building; or C) Make a vague reference to your decision to eliminate their jobs in a blog post. If you answered B, then you have the heart and guts of a Hemingway. On the other hand, if you answered C, then you fall into the category of Tesla Motors new CEO, Elon Musk. On October 15th, Musk, who is also the Chairman of the Board and Product Architect for Tesla, posted a blog post about his ascension to the CEO position, his vision for the company and, oh yeah, were shutting down operations in Rochester, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The relevant passage that announced to all and... [Read Full Article]

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