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Small Biz Tip: Forecast the Future of Your Sales

Tips from June 19, 2009 The Small Business tips today will discuss forecasting the future of your sales. Predict your future sales based on a realistic scale.  Project your weekly sales within the first few months, as well as monthly sales for the year. Develop customer profiles and predict what other types of consumers you can sell to.  Look up demographics and the target market to get an idea of whom and where to sell to. Revisit your annual sales plan.  Check your progress of your plan and make any necessary revisions to stay on track with your budget and sales.  Develop a plan or strategy in case your sales predictions completely miss what you are projecting.  This way, your business is prepared to handle not generating enough income due to lack of sales. Daily Overview: Sales predictions are a good way to set goals for the future. They are also a way keep your business o... [Read Full Article]

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