The State of Small Business in America

  Government and Economy That State of Small Business in America Last week, CEO of Network Solutions Roy Dunbar hosted a webinar with small business experts Kristina Bouweiri, Anita Campbell, Tom Heath, Kelly Muccio and Surfy Rahman. They discussed the state of small businesses in the US and what SMB owners could do right now to increase sales and here are the insights they shared. Management and Financial Issues Survey: Small Businesses Turning Away From Green Initiatives According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup Survey, one-third of small business owners say that the recession has changed their plans to make their businesse... [Read Full Article]

Electoral College Speaks: Obama is 44th President

Government and Economy It's Official: Barack Obama Elected 44th PresidentPresidential electors have formally elected Barack Obama the nation's 44th president. Electors gathering in state capitols across the country have pushed Obama above the 270 electoral votes needed to win, according to a tally by The Associated Press. US Deficit Would Top $1 trillion with New MethodThe federal deficit for 2008 would top $1 trillion if the government had to use the same accounting methods as private companies. And that doesn't even account for the huge costs of the Wall Street bailout, which didn't really start until the new budget year began on Oct. 1. [Read Full Article]

Small Business Brief for 11/17

Politics and Government Major Challenges for Obama Health Reform Plan With declining employment and a tough economy, Presid ent-elect Obama's health care reform plan is facing mounting challenges—more people to losing coverage; baby boomers signing-up for Medicare; rising prescription drug prices—even as PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates the cost of Obama's plan to be around $75 billion in 2009 and rising as more people are covered. Southern Senators From States With Foreign Carmakers Oppose GM, Ford Rescue Senators from southern states with Asian and European car manufacturers oppose bailing out U.S. automakers, claiming that the industry can thrive with... [Read Full Article]