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Can Main Street Catch Up with Wall Street?

Government, Politics, and the Economy Can Main Street Catch Up with Wall Street? The Dow is up and many economists see an end to the recession. Try telling that to the rising ranks of those losing their jobs and houses. Management and OperationsWhy Change is Necessary: Is Temporary Insanity Keeping You From Growing Your Small Business? Successful people, and businesses, recognize the need for change early. They embrace it. And they go looking for it. BusinessKnowHow.comManagement and Operations [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Networking: Why?

Tips from October 26, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss why it is important for small businesses to network. Create and develop relationships with others who share your same passions for business. Gain contacts and resources. Battles are best fought with a companion. Networking gives businesses a support system for when times are rough. Expand your clientele. Networking with others allows for new customers to hear about your business and check it out. Build your community and local economy by networking in your area. Support other small businesses; they will support you! Daily Overview: Networking gives your business contacts, builds the buzz, and opportunities to grow. [Read Full Article]

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